How To Get What You Want
By Using Your Brain In GDSM Mode!

By B. K. Narayan
Author of Success MindwareTM

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Human brain is a biological supercomputer. It is an Extreme machine that can create extreme machines we are yet to imagine. It is designed to work in GDSM mode.

Once you learn how to use your biological supercomputer—your brain—in the GDSM mode, there is no limit to what you can do.

What is this GDSM mode?

GDSM mode means Goal Driven Success Machine mode. Our brain gets into action whenever we have serious goals or emotionalized thoughts. You think repeatedly about something you really want. You imagine yourself enjoying the benefits of the thing you want. This makes you emotional.

A repeated and emotionalized thought becomes a dominant thought. Your brain takes over this dominant or emotionalized thought as a goal and drives you to think, behave and act in a manner that takes you to your goal—AUTOMATICALLY!

This is a simple explanation of how your brain can make ANY of your dreams, or fears, come true.

Here's a very common example of this mode:

You come to know about the wonderful story of a movie from your friends or newspaper.  You get interested. You imagine yourself enjoying that movie. You repeat this imagination.  Mental REPETITION of enjoying that movie INCREASES your desire to see that movie; your brain generates many ideas necessary to go for it— put off scheduled business activities or bunk classes or fool parents or remove any obstacles, till you watch the movie and enjoy it…you're hooked.

You will stop only when you see that movie!

Many such things might have happened in your life! Recall them and identify the mechanism that worked behind such instances. Do this. You’ll discover a never failing formula to achieve anything.

The same mechanism works behind all your dreams coming true--winning in baseball or passing exam with top grades or getting the job you love or achieving your business goals.

Also the same mechanism works equally well in this negative example—a person committing suicide.

Yes, for that person it is an important goal though dangerous! He or she thinks that suicide is the easiest solution to get rid of many troubles in life. Which is not correct, as there are many easier and happier ways to get out of any kind of trouble.

Human brain does not think or worry about the end result, even if the goal is to take one's own life! It simply helps the owner TO SUCCEED in whatever he or she is SERIOUSLY imagining to achieve. Because your brain is designed by nature to work as, “Goal Driven Success Machine!”

So BE CAREFUL of what you repeatedly think or imagine, as your brain is designed to make your dominant thoughts and feelings come true, by working in GDSM mode!

Also remember, your brain doesn’t worry whether your dominant thoughts or feelings lead you to loss or profit. It just AUTOMATICALLY executes your dominant thought. And helps you get the corresponding result—it may be failure or success!

This is the PLAIN TRUTH about your brain!

So, IF YOU THINK learning a particular subject is difficult, your brain can make that a reality—by reducing the level of brain activity during the processes of concentration, registration, remembering and recalling—whenever you deal with the subject you imagine as difficult. When these processes do not take place normally you learn little or nothing.

If you think your job is unsatisfactory, then your brain will make it a reality by focusing on everything that is bad about your job.

All your present difficulties, poor performance in studies, career or business and all unwanted conditions in your life are the result of using your brain in GDSM mode--negatively.

But the good news is, you can get rid of all those unwanted conditions--by using your brain in GDSM mode--positively!


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B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.


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