How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality

By Preeti Narayan
Co-author, Success MindwareTM


Saira set a goal because she had heard it was a good thing to do so. But it didnít make much difference with her. She still got the same old results.

This happens to many people. They set some target or goal because they have heard or read somewhere that setting goal is essential for success. Yet they rarely find any improvement in their performance or life.


Because merely setting some goal and even writing it on paper is not enough. You need to do four vital things without which you canít achieve your goal.

What are these four important things? They are: 

1. Desire

Desire triggers flood of emotion. It makes you determined to achieve your goal. If you strongly desire to achieve your goal, you will be willing to put up any efforts into itólike more work and more time. 

Hence, when you set a goal, ask yourself:  ďDo I really want to achieve it?"

If your answer is yes, if you feel deeply for that goal, then go for it.  If it does not fire up your desire, your emotion, your thirst, then it is not worth trying for.  Look for a goal which really interests you.

2. Belief

Do you think that it is possible for you to achieve the goal which you have set? Think over it carefully. The answer decides the final outcome.

If you feel absolutely sure that you are capable of achieving your goal, then start working towards it.  Do all that you can to fulfill your desire.

But what if you feel doubtful?  Find out why you are feeling uncertain.  If necessary, reset your goal to a level you feel comfortable enough to try and achieve it.  Belief is important to achieve any goal.

It gives you confidence. And with confidence you can overcome any obstacle on your way.

3. Action Plan

Without this step, your goal will end up decorating your pages. Sit and plan how you are going to achieve your goal. For example, decide: 

  • What actions you will take

  • Whose help or assistance you will take

  • When you will start

  • What resources or skills you will need

  • How and when you are going to acquire these

  • When do you aim to reach your goal

Also, it is a good idea to set a decent time limit to your actions.

4. Checklist

Check your progress, or lack of it. In spite of strong desire and great action plan, itís possible to get distracted.

To avoid such slip, sit down every Sunday or on the last date of every month and check out what steps you have taken towards achieving your goal.

You can keep a small diary for this purpose. Write down your progress in few words or sentences.

Alternatively, you can mark it in a calendar. Do this regularly and you wonít get off the track.

The above four things are simple, practical techniques that help to turn your goals into reality. Try and use them.


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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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